Capital Market Coach

By introducing the new “corporate prime” bond segment the Vienna Stock Exchange has met the increasing demand for issuance of debt instruments by medium sized, non-listed companies in the capital markets. Debt instruments in this segment can be issued without a lead bank but participation will require guidance by a Capital Market Coach.

Following its long-term capital market experience, Independent Capital, has been certified as Capital Market Coach by the Vienna Stock Exchange. Within such assignment Independent Capital evaluates the company’s financial needs, supports in formulating a long-term financial strategy, and assists in the successful execution of such a transaction. 

A capital markets transaction can be considered as successful if:

  • The targeted volume has been issued
  • Liquidity and credit margins have been locked-in
  • Diversity of investor base and financial instruments have been achieved
  • Financial flexibility has been maintained or increased
  • An attractive pricing has been secured

For further information please refer to the website of the Wiener Börse.