Rating Advisory

More and more companies are being evaluated by external market players such as rating agencies, banks, credit insurances, etc. Their processes follow their own rules, regulations and systems which are often considered to be a “black box”.

Therefore it becomes ever more important to present a company’s business model as well as its creditworthiness in a way to be clearly understood by those external market players in order to achieve a maximum positive score in their evaluations.

Though its detailed know-how of a company’s needs and expectations, the internal processes, and external regulations governing such external evaluations Independent Capital bridges this gap between both sides and ensures that all information presented is clearly understood to the benefit of its clients.

Independent Capital supports its clients in all aspects of the rating process, from bank ratings to the first time rating by one or more international rating agencies, and subsequently to its regular annual review. Also already existing ratings can be improved by closely cooperating with all involved external market players.

Moreover, the so-called “Ratingradar” serves as a tool for tax advisors interested to extend their services of preparing annual accounts to supporting companies in their annual house-bank presentations. During this process also the impact of balance sheet and P&L forecasts can be included. Therefore Independent Capital’s ”Ratingradar” provides the tax advisors’ clients with the optimum preparation for negotiations with their creditors.